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Melissa Marie Photography: Chicago Engagement Photos: BOBBY + ERIN

Some people don’t talk politics. Some people don’t talk religion. Some don’t talk about money. These two? Well it’s baseball. Both die-hard fans of the game but unfortunately for different teams. They legit said when the Cubs won they almost broke up. Haha. Oh my. They obviously worked through it as they’re now engaged! They may have opposing teams they’re cheerin’ for now, but come August, these two will be on the same team. (At least in life) (:

Had so much fun with you guys. Love your bantering. Love your admiration for random facts. Love your history of Ohio. (: Can’t wait for the fun to continue with bocce & bowling on the big day!


Chicago Family Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography: Cantigny Park Wheaton: MADDIE

I am a complete sucker for “where are they now?” type shows. If a show I’m hooked on doesn’t have one, you better believe I’m googling like a mad woman about what they’re up to now? That’s probably why catching up with families who I’ve captured over the years is one of my favorite parts of what I get to do everyday. Last time I captured little Maddy, she was maybe 2 weeks old?  She’s now 18 months! What!?  She’s always had piercing eyes and has been cute as a button, but to now see her so full of vibrant, playful energy, is so fun! Besides, what kid makes it through 2 hours of photos without one (NOT ONE!) meltdown? She just played in the Cantigny gardens, smelling the flowers, plucking the petals, making us all laugh. It all makes me nostalgic. (And all the more appreciative of the gift that photos gives us) She’s grown so much in what seems like a blink of an eye. And the next time I see her, she’ll have a whole new set of things she’s into. Soon enough, I’ll be taking her senior photos. Okay, slow my roll. But really, it’s so sweet to be able to see “where this family is now” and get little previews of what’s to come. Can’t wait till next time!


University of Chicago Engagement Photos: Melissa Marie Photography: BRIANNE & GEORGE

First things first…Did or did not the filming of Harry Potter’s Hogwart scenes take place at the University of Chicago? (Okay, I’m not even gonna pretend like I’ve made it through that movie. I’ve tried like three times and I fall asleep every time; I just can’t.) But for real this campus (George’s alma mater) is insanely gorgeous. It’s crazy to see kids in sweatpants lounging on the manicured garden lawns like well…normal college students. Every bit of this place, even the cafeteria looks like it’s a cathedral in Europe. So it was fitting that these two brought their own booze. (Hey, it’s college. But actually grown up and sophisticated now so whisky in grandfather’s flask will do the trick.) These two are absolutely fascinating! The more I get to know them the more I’m enamored. From their life goals to their world travels. From their foodie passion for cooking, to their love of the game Cribbage. I mean that’s the perfect example. Who actually knows how to play cribbage? They do! I’m tellin’ ya, they are absolutely fascinating people! They’re incredibly intelligent, but they’re also warm & inviting. I truly cannot wait a City View Loft wedding with two of the most interesting people!


Chicago Engagement Photos: Melissa Marie Photography: MARISSA + JORDAN

They had me at that they’re having a brunch wedding. (Brunch, quite possibly in my top 3 simple pleasures in life.) They had me at donut cake. (Let all the angels say amen!) They had me at engagement photos at the house with coffee. (Coffee, absolutely, no doubt, in the top 3 simples pleasure in life) (:

These two are my wedding couple soul mates!

I knew it from the moment I first heard about their vision for their wedding. Of course, I’m obsessed with the brunch, the donut cake, the coffee, the whole thing. But the best part of brunch is that you’re having a relaxed time with people. And that’s what Marissa & Jordan have focused on from the get-go. In a day that can often times feel full or even hurried, I love that we get to slow down, and allow these two to soak up every moment of their wedding day. Savoring conversations & coffee…Dancing over handfuls of donuts.  The people are the party. Mimosas help. (:

We’re starting a hashtag that #brunchisbest but I’d argue Marissa & Jordan are. Absolutely cannot wait for the wedding!



I always tell my family clients that its not about the props but the people. Could we put your newborn in a fruit basket dressed like an eggplant? Sure. Would it be cute? Of course. Everything a baby does is adorable. But I say focus on people over props. When there’s two little ones in the household your days can blur together. The moments that may seem insignificant now: the feedings, the goofy song on your phone that the whole family chimes in on to soothe the baby, the meals that’s are a box of Mac n’cheese for the third time that week, these are the memories that when the fog fades you’ll want to remember. So busy into the Easter basket early…pause to admire how your little girl tries to put on daddy’s shoes. Embrace the Teddy Graham crumbed face. Time capsuled moments happen when we focus on people over props. Thank you Baker family for allowing me to do that with you guys.