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I saw a meme about getting ready for family photos and I died. After a 8 trips to Target, a forgotten pair of new shoes, the “wrong snack/bribe” the almost guaranteed sibling fight in the car, and now lets all unload and smile. (:

The prep for family phots. Not easy. When you arrive with me, I want it to be a breeze. We’ll crop the photo so we don’t see your mismatched shoe. We’ll be sure to capture that super cute outfit that took 8 times to get right. We’ll have the siblings playing with each other not against. Because after all, family life can be pure chaos sometimes. But in amidst it all, there’s moments we never want to forget. That’s why this was all worth it. So glad I’ve been able to do that for countless families so far this fall.



When I say: “Peanut Butter” You say…”Jelly.” Right. Okay great. Next one…When I say: “Holiday: You say (or if you’re today’s bride, Jackie you say: INNNNN.” You probably don’t want to say much beyond that. I just looked up the lyrics and my goodness, there’s not enough filters on this blog for that. (: But having that song on repeat while the bridal party got ready in where else? At the Holiday Inn! Made for some easy reasons to get roudy, laugh, and have some fun. We are supposed to have fun at weddings right? Well, Jackie & Mike are all about it. Even in some of the genuinely hard moments of their day, they were quick to console each other with something to laugh about. I love that. This world has a lot of the hard. Be the soft. Be the joy. Be the laugh. Be there. They’ve shown each other that they will be that and so much more. Had so much fun capturing your wedding!! Here’s to a lifetime of laughter, and anniversaries at the Holiday Inn!

VENUE: Independence Grove:

FLORIST: Floral Harmonies:

BAND: Rendezvous Music Greenlight Band:


DRESS BOUTIQUE: Volles Bridal:

HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express Libertyville:



For a long time, (at least 11 years since that’s how long it took us to finally have kids of our own) I sorta internally cringed when people would say: “People who have kids get it.” Peeved, that it seemed “exclusive” or in a way unknowingly narrow-minded of me to not be able to fully “relate” to people who do have kids. Well, like many of the cliche’s of parenting: “You’ll never love something more…” “It’s different when they’re you’re own kids…” “Your heart will grow in ways you never thought possible.” “It’s the hardest and best thing you’ll ever do.” That saying about those with kids “getting it” now rings truer because well… I do have kids.

When my brother and sister-in-law (Who I would just say is my sister; adore her) first had kids they lived in Grand Rapids. I’d get to pop-in when I had photoshoots in Michigan, snuggle the babies, I’m sure mess up their house and dishes and not think twice about it and head back home to my sleep and do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted routine. So it’s been phenomenal and eye-opening for me to see them parent (now that I am one myself) since having moved back to Chicago. They now have 4! Yes, that’s right…4 kids! If that’s not impressive, you probably don’t have kids. Just kidding. (: But seriously, I feel knee deep in it with 2. So 4…? That’s gotta be pure chaos. But for them it isn’t. They’re amazing. Well rounded. Thoughtful. Incredibly bright. funny. Inclusive. Tight-knit family. I now know what it took (and takes) to be making it that way. It’s sacrifice. It’s effort. It’s intentionality. It’s love. It’s being both self-aware and aware of others. It’s parenting. And to see the fruits of that labor within their family is amazing, motivating, and inspiring. So glad they moved back here to Chicago so my kids have more cousins to look-up-to. Love you guys dearly! And Mack attack…Well, he’s already a stud!

Clar Lyn Morris - October 22, 2019 - 8:24 PM

Love everything about this post and pix……and…. you’ll never know how wonderful it is when your adult “kids” love each other until you’re old!! Ha

Renee Morris - October 14, 2019 - 3:43 PM

Awww, Missy. You are making this hormonal momma weepy!? Much love to you and your beautiful, growing family. Such a blessing to live closer to you, not just for the cousin love, but also for the sister friendship.??

Elmhurst Newborn Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography: ELOISE

I have December babies. As in the brutal cold of Chicago’s polar vortex babies. I had all this ooey gooey nostalgic feelings of my first born coming into the hospital to meet his little sister. Him getting the gift “she” picked out for him. Snuggling for a photo on my hospital bed. And yet, in true parental reality, what we got was a car battery that wouldn’t start, a toddler that didn’t get to meet his newborn sister at the hospital, and one very upset kiddo who woke up from a nap one day and all of a sudden there was a baby. From which he slowly backed away crying: “No. No. No.” (:

How I envisioned it all sweetly happening is more so how today’s newborn session went. Maddie, (who I photograph often and I just think is the sweetest little thing ever) just so sweetly giving her sister kisses. Or when she was “done” holding the baby, she’d nicely say she was done, rather than the log roll thrust my son would do with his sister. I hope that these two girls continue to be on each other’s team. Not jealous of the other. Both shining in their own ways. Can’t wait to see how their relationship grows over time. Welcome to the world Eloise!



From being a camp counselor, to a college athlete. From going to TIU to being believers. There’s a lot I have in common with Jenna + Josh and it helped us hit off right from the start. One big commonality we have is our value on marriage. I pray that as these two embark on the next chapter that the Lord has for them (In under a month!!). That they’ll remember the steps and ways He took to get them to where they are, and to be open to where He is leading. So excited not only for the wedding but to see what the future holds for you guys!