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Eric & Jerusalem’s Wedding!

It’s 8am back in college and just before class is about to begin  I’d always see this gorgeous girl come in to say a quick “hello” to this guy….After seeing it occur day after day I had this little secret crush on this couple. Wondering if they’re still together, if they’ll someday get married, have a house with the white picket fence the whole bit. Well…After several years I get a call and instantly I know who it was…It was the girl that everyone talked about (in a good way) back in college, the girl that seemed to be friends with just about everyone, the same one that would stop by to see this guy in my class everyday. As lame as it sounds I’ve secretly been rooting for this couple for years and now I get to shoot their wedding! Throughout the process I fell more in love with these two. Despite naturally being one of the most good-looking couples I’ve ever seen the thing that shines the brightest is how they wholeheartedly love the Lord and love each other. I always say in the end I want my clients to become more like my friends and such is genuinely true with these two. I know we’ll have many Ethiopian dinner and dance nights to come. (:



Who Doesn’t Love A Good "Ball" Game?

For those of you who are die-hard Cubs fans, Chi-town residents, or beings with a heart beat prepare yourself for envy…Myself, Kirk Hinrich (Chicago Bulls Guard), and most importantly the future bride, Erin, and groom, Dave, with several of their friends got to put life’s troubles on hold for all of 3 hours and not only watch the Cubbies from a luxury rooftop party but we got to see ’em win in extra innings! Dave and Erin and two extremely generous people that are completely loyal to their family and friends. I’ve been privileged to get to know them over the past year or so and wish them all the best as they marry in Hawaii and come back to the best city ever and take some great wedding shots. (: Side note- One of the groom’s friends wanted me to take a picture of Kirk so I did. Kirk wasn’t so happy. To avoid getting pummeled by a 6’3 basketball player I will omit adding his picture to this blog. (: But here’s a few other fun shots from the day.


A Girls Best Friend…

It’s often said that “Diamonds are a girls best friend.” Well…For a girl that’s longing to be engaged that may be true but really…in a span of a lifetime how many diamonds do we really get? Shoes however…Now that’s a different story. I would typically say I’m not a stereotypical girl when it comes to the passion of shoes yet I own an unforgivable amount of them, and oddly enough, it just may be one of my favorite things to shoot at a wedding. Just like brides…Each wedding brings a new, beautiful, and unique shoe that just awaits to be captured in an image. Thankfully I’m not alone on this. The bride, Leigha, even the day of the wedding still was choosing between several potential shoes. All were adorable and feminine, just like the bride. (:
It was a beautiful day with a beautiful couple and I wish them the best! 

Grab A Parka There’s Gonna Be A Wedding!

If there were ever to be hurricane winds in the midwest on a wedding day it was this day. Despite crazy weather I know I can get outside the box and get some fun shots, but sometimes convincing a bride of that can be a little trickier. Luckily for me I had the most laid back couple I could have asked for. The groom actually asked for pictures out in the rain! No one ever asks for that! So of course I jumped at the chance! So here I am balancing an umbrella between my chin and my shoulder, while holding a camera on each shoulder, all the while the first ever hurricane via Wisconsin is occurring. (Maybe a slight exaggeration but not by much!) (: Personally, I thought it was worth it as it’s one of my favorite shots of the day. 

Truly though, I think it says a lot about this couple. They have their priorities in check and whatever storms come their way in life I think they’ll challenge it head-on. I wish them all the best!

The Sound of Music…

You ever get those questions or comments that you can’t help but think: “How am I supposed to respond to that?” Well more often than people know I get asked how they can get on my website, and in all honesty that question is so awkward for me. How am I supposed to respond to that? (: Though I probably couldn’t say this in the moment, the truth of the matter is I want to highlight couples that for whatever reason tug at my heart. As I began to shoot Ian & Jennifer’s reception I heard something that was familiar…It was a song from my website followed by another and then another. I melted…These songs are so deeply meaningful to me and the fact that they touched them as well meant so much to me. In a very real sense, during those few minutes I was shooting to the sound track of my life. Mid-way through a song the bride came up to me and said: “When I heard this song on your website I cried.” More than any couple I know of this couple knows my work, my website, my songs, and in a sense me and for such they shall be rewarded. Opening page of my website… dedicated to a couple that’s been dedicated to me and I am truly grateful.