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The Sweetest…

This is one of those couples I wish you all could meet. They are just the sweetest! They flew in from Florida for their engagement pictures and despite an over-night delay and little to no sleep they were still excited to get started. With it being July 3rd a.k.a the busiest day ever for people to be out and about we had to get creative in order for all of America’s population not to be in our pics. After much maneuvering and strategy I think it worked out really well. I can’t wait to see these two again in a month in Florida!

Thomas - February 20, 2013 - 9:04 AM

Oh MY Goodness!!INSPIRING!!INFLUENTIAL!!BRILLIANT!!A TRUE ARTIST!!I have to say I feel completely hernood and I am in aw. I get to witness someones journey through life, through their art. The words you wrote remind me why I am an artist in the first place. U make me look at portraits with more meaning and depth, and that they serve a bigger purpose than just the superficial. You show the true meaning in that moment. You are definitely one of m favorite photographers. Not only that, but one of my favorite artists. You are always one to watch! xoxoThank you! that I knew I always did feel about Photography.

My Fellow Greek…

So here’s another blasty from the pasty…Natasha (The bride) and I played soccer together growing up. I actually broke my nose on her shoulder during Senior Soccer Day which is always fun. (: Despite that incident I’ve always loved this girl. Whether it’s the fact that we share the common bond of being greek, the fact we fought the back line in our soccer glory days, or that she’s just a sweet-heart, whatever the reason, I just think she’s great. So I was obviously thrilled that I got to shoot her wedding! She was stunning…The wedding was stunning…The day was great!


Friends With Everyone…

I’m pretty sure between the bride and the groom they know just about everyone in Chicago. You hear of people people but these two are the leader of the pack. And I can see why…They balance having a great time at all times equally well with taking care of others. Amidst the fun and chaos of their rooftop engagement party and their local hang out with friends after their wedding I’d see the groom making sure my camera bag was safe, or that I got to my car okay.  And the bride…She very well may be the life of the party, and yet, is so concerned with helping others before herself she has physically made herself sick less than 24 hours before we were supposed to shoot. (Glad she was okay and it worked out) They just genuinely care…And I…Just genuinely care about these two. (: Oh and in terms of pictures…They’re fantastic. We even got a picture with a rainbow! Are you kidding me!? Awesome…(: 



Taking the actual photos is on the lesser half of the importance when it comes to photography. More than this is the constant reading of people. On wedding days you can have several hundred people to figure our all at once. Is she happy? Is that person about to have a melt-down? How do I get this person enthused enough to take just one more set of pictures? It is by far the most exhausting part of what I do. Now engagement sessions already have their advantage in that there’s only two people to read but don’t be deceived in some ways this is equally tricky as there’s way more focus on each other. So you just don’t know how the whole process will be for a couple. Will it come naturally to them? Will it take awhile to break the ice? This couple….Was a piece of cake! From the very first image I knew this couple was no joke. Bam, pose, bam, awesomeness….They are adorable, and me and my camera love them.


Mike and Jill

It’s hard not to think of these two and not think “fun.” From running around in the bitter cold in the winter for engagement pictures, to partying hard in a photo booth at their own wedding. One thing I really admire is they are a couple that is genuinely who they are around everyone. Changing for no one is such a rarity these days. A specific moment that I think I’ll remember for a long long time was when they were coming out of the photo booth at their reception and the attendant asked “Do you want me to hide some of your pictures from being online so other’s won’t see them?” Jill, the bride’s response was perfect: “No, post everything we’ve got nothing to hide.” I don’t know why that struck me so, but really as cheesy as that sounds (especially the fact that such a lesson is coming from a photo booth) it’s really powerful. Here it’s their wedding their first official day of being together and they’re already setting the standard of being real. I really think this will help their marriage flourish. I can’t wait to see what the future hold for these two.