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Strong Foundation

Despite my long history with the bride I’d have to say my favorite thing about shooting this wedding was to see how solid their foundation is on Christ. Without a doubt these two love each other and love the Lord. A lot. (: The love is also comin’ right back at em. They have so many friends and family they had two receptions!  Both were a great party. 

My not so favorite part? Having the worst cold than I’ve had in probably 10 years. In this industry there’s no “sick days” you just gotta push through it. Whether you’re secretly hiding somewhere to blow your nose or in my case having your mom drop off a boat load of meds to get you through the goal is always the same. Priority bride. It’s not the time to brag about how aweful you’re feeling and what a “trooper” you are for pushing through. It’s your job…And though it may not happen daily, today’s assignment is to make this day the best day of this couples life and to never let on that anything is amiss. 

At this point I’d like to give a shout out to my momma for overriding my stubbornness and still taking care of me. (: And I’d also like to thank Mr. Day Quill for hooking a girl up. (: 


Love These Two!

I just love love love this couple! It’s such a cliche to say it but really these two came as clients and we’ll leave as friends. It’s so rare to be as comfortable as we are. I can say my corny sarcastic jokes and know that either one of them can equally dish it back to me. 

The soon to be bride is so stinkin’ sweet that you just want to go grab a cup of coffee with her and have a heart to heart. And the soon to be groom is the type of guy that would be the life of the party and in a second drop it so he can make sure you got to your car okay.

 love them dearly and I can’t wait for their big day!



Starbucks Love…

So back in the when I was first trying to get my business off the ground I worked to feed my coffee addiction at Starbucks. Five Machiattos a day later, I got to know a co-worker that was just as sweet as she was adorable. Though its only been a handful of years since I’ve seen her continue to grow into the mature, nurturing, and well rounded in life woman that she is. I have no doubt that she’s on the right track in life and that she has just the right person to walk that path with now. Her and Pat are so obviously in love it’s just fun to watch. 

Another awesome thing to see was just how much her mom loves her. I can safely say I haven’t heard so many compliments from a mother of the bride to her daughter as on this day. 
From Barista to bride she continues to be just as stunning as the day I first day we met. Congrats girl.

Sister’s Wedding!

For the hundreds of weddings I’ve gone to, I could count on my hands the number of them I was a guest at. There was no better place for such a cause than to have the honor of putting down my camera for the day and standing up for my sister on the greatest day in her life. She’s always been there for me and now for once, I can be there for her. I see how much Francis lights up her life and it makes me excited to see what the future holds for them. 

Another thing that excites me? Dancing at weddings! As lame as it sounds it’s one of the hardest parts of my job. (Rough life, I know) (: To have killer music, a crowd that’s lovin’ it, and yet not be “allowed” to dance since I’m supposed to be taking pictures of other people dancing. (: Buuut again, such a day finally came where I got to cut loose and whether it was awkwardly by myself, or by dragging of the husband to the dance floor, I finally got to dance! 
Love my sister, Loved her wedding, and love the fact that my brother in-law now has major Ping Pong competition. (:

Just The Three Of Us…

Look at how cute these two are? (: They wasted no time in busting out their adorableness. They claim it’s because they haven’t had alone chill time in forever but I, the willing third wheel for the day thinks otherwise…They just love each other. You can see it, and I loved capturing it. (: