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Chicago At Heart…

It’s kind of funny…The two places I shoot most often is Chicago, and oddly enough… Iowa. Well…The soon to be bride is from Chicago, and the soon to be groom…Yep. Iowa. Though they now reside in Arizona they traveled all the way back to the Chi to spend a couple hours roaming the city to take some images. Even with just a couple hours sleep they were super fun and ready to try just about anything. I personally think they’re adorable. (: Looking forward to their big day!

Love…and Rock & Roll

I know I’ve been mentioning how brutal the Chicago weather has been of late but really…This could have been the coldest wedding I’ve done. Despite frozen fingers this couple was always ready to tribute rock and roll and was ready to party. One of the most entertaining receptions I’ve been to in awhile. (: I wish all the best for Kevin and Melissa!

I Love McDonalds…And I Love This Couple…

There’s few things greater than Mcdonalds chicken nuggies (as I like to call them) and weddings. You put them together… and we have one great day! (: 
For real though, I just loved everything about this wedding. From one of the sweetest brides I’ve worked with, to a bridal party that I could invite to my next family reunion, the people were hard to beat. As for the setting… well, it was stunning. Located on the Mcdonald’s Hamburger University (yeah you read it correctly!) campus there were stone fire places, full length panoramic windows, and pretty much gorgeousness everywhere you looked! To top it all off as a midnight snack Mcdonald’s hamburgers were brought out on silver platters! Brilliant…What a great day!

Coldest Day Of My Life…

The fact that I still have fingers to even type this is an engagement photo shoot miracle…The fun part of Chicago (and by fun I mean the worst characteristic of our city by FAR) is that even in late March you just don’t know what the weather will bring. This early early morning brought 15 degree temperatures and a wind chill in the negatives. Awesome…I must say this couple was hardcore and were willing to stick through it all. Once I heard that they met in line at a Starbucks that was my queue to wisk them away to reunite with their long lost coffee shop. Granted, this couple was from Indiana so not the exact same one but whimsical thought none the less. Their wedding is in late May so we’ll see what Chicago brings us then. (: 

The Po-Po Chased Us Out Engagement Session…

Okay let me just start this off by saying these two are troopers! Literally, within seconds of setting up our first shot I got called out by the seminary po-po. (Yeah that’s right…bible college wanna be police) In all fairness the guy was really nice but really? There was like 3 people there. Despite the ridiculously gorgeous setting that we now were having to leave, we hopped in the car and went from spot to spot trying to stay just one step ahead of the security truck. All in all is was a great ice-breaker and we had a great day. (: