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The Sound of Music…

You ever get those questions or comments that you can’t help but think: “How am I supposed to respond to that?” Well more often than people know I get asked how they can get on my website, and in all honesty that question is so awkward for me. How am I supposed to respond to that? (: Though I probably couldn’t say this in the moment, the truth of the matter is I want to highlight couples that for whatever reason tug at my heart. As I began to shoot Ian & Jennifer’s reception I heard something that was familiar…It was a song from my website followed by another and then another. I melted…These songs are so deeply meaningful to me and the fact that they touched them as well meant so much to me. In a very real sense, during those few minutes I was shooting to the sound track of my life. Mid-way through a song the bride came up to me and said: “When I heard this song on your website I cried.” More than any couple I know of this couple knows my work, my website, my songs, and in a sense me and for such they shall be rewarded. Opening page of my website… dedicated to a couple that’s been dedicated to me and I am truly grateful.


Baby Morris!

My big bro is havin’ a baaaabyy! Well… Actually his wife is but an impressive feat none the less. It seemingly has been forever since my mom has wanted to be a grandma. I remember when my brother first got a kitten way back in the day and my mom wanted to be referred to as “Grandma” with it. We thought that was weird and rightfully didn’t play along with that one. But now it’s the real deal and the first grandkid is just over a month away!  

My brother is just about 7 years older than I am and despite the age difference he’s always been one of the closest people I have in my life. As a kid he was the one that taught me proper form for a push-up, how to dodge the balled up socks flying past my face when we were playing American Gladiators, and how to slowly hold my hand over an open flame and still not get burned. He was also the one that let me just sit in his room for hours because I wanted to be near him and he was the one that after allowing me to stay up late while our parents were out would carry me up the basement stairs while I pretended to be asleep.
Girl or boy this kid’s got it made. My brother’s the perfect balance of parent and friend. And to top it all off…The kid doesn’t know it yet but he’s inheriting Super Mom. Renee is two parts power organizer and ten parts sweetheart. She’s been able to put up with my brother for years now, this kid will be a piece of cake. I love them and this future child dearly! I can’t wait to be an Auntie!!

Hail To Cute Couples…

Much like Chicago weather, engagement sessions can be a bit unpredictable…You just don’t know how long it will take to get past the awkward bubble and become ol’ friends. For this couple…No time at all.  The way they interact with each other is both natural and well…adorable. (: The looming storm clouds made for perfect lighting, and the couples sweet and willing attitude made for perfect pictures. Another thing that was perfect? The timing…Literally seconds after the last picture it started to downpour hail. Awesome. 


More Blasty From The Pasty…

Seemingly there’s two requirements for engagement sessions in April this year. One, it most be bone chillingly cold, and second, we probably have some kind of connection from our past. This day was a sweet combo of both. Wanting  the rarity of their being no bystanders “lurking” in our pictures we got up at the crack of dawn (Okay that may be a bit of an exaggeration, more like 8am) (: to get started. Which was well worth it cuz the almost desolate pictures look sweet! So…Yeah…Despite the frost bite that was slowly occurring (I wish you could see how ridiculous I looked wearing my 5 sweaters that day) we really just roamed the city to see what caught our eye. It doesn’t happen too often but I love when a couple is up for that, it helps to get outside the box a bit. 

Knowing the bride to be since Jr. High there’s the familiarity that makes the images all the more easier. Considering how stinkin’ cute they are together that helps as well. (: This couple excites me as a photographer. My mind jumps to a million different options as I know they’d be up for them all. So yeah…Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked for their wedding! 


Stopped In Time…

I really can’t explain this other than if you’d be walking down the street and you come across a friend’s little brother and  instead of being 5 like you’ve always known him to be in your head he’s now a full fledge adult with a full fledge beard.Whatever time capsule you’ve put your memory of that person in is opened and it’s a wholeAdd Imagedifferent era. People grow up. And in this case, they sometimes even fall in love. Aaron, the groom and I, had been friends way back since “the diaper days” (as my mom likes to put it.) Two scrawny kids hyper as can be running around driving our parents nuts. Then once we got passed the needing to be babysat stage I didn’t see him for awhile… A long while. Ironically, (both because of the timing of it all and because I can’t sing worth a lick) during that time gap is when I got to know the bride. In our elementary days we both sang in the church choir. 
Then low and behold, a blast from the past comes and I get a call about a wedding. A wedding consisting of two people I’ve known longer than most and they just happen to be marrying each other! Because I have known these two for so long I know just how great they’re going to be together. Aaron, once my partner in hyper crime has grown into this man of patience and understanding. And Megan, this girl I once perceived as quiet, is now a vibrant woman full of energy that will keep even Aaron on his toes.
Though there’s that part of me that is still in shock that we aren’t all still 5 years old, I’m really proud of these two, and I couldn’t be happier for them! (: