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Finding My Greekness…

If any of you from my generation had any kind of childhood you’d be familiar with the Sesame Street song: “One of these things is not like the other.”Sigh…Sesame Street…Good times. Anyhow, where I’m going with this is one should play that song anytime you were to look at a picture of my six foot blonde and blue eyed family. Especially around the time when your eyes gaze a couple inches lower in the photo to find me, the little Greek girl. Yes, I was adopted…Best thing ever. But where I’m going with this….I wasn’t raised with knowledge of traditional Greek ways. Shoot, the closest thing I’ve gotten to my own culture is a Gyro. (Delish by the way) So it was AWESOME to get to know Nick and Ketia as they planned for their full fledge traditional Greek wedding. There’s a reason for everything. You don’t do something just for the sake of doing it; which is something I’m all about. I felt like I got submerged into the motherland and was finally getting filled in on all the things I’ve missed. It was worth the wait to learn a few things the wedding was great.


Festive Family…

From the moment I walked through this families front door my urge to get the holidays rolling was instant. I don’t know if it was the half-way lit up tree, (Yes, only the bottom half of the tree worked so I photoshopped some lights on the top) family members mingling over wine, adorable Christmas baby clothes, whatever it was it was great to be there even for a short time. I met my first member of this family while shooting a wedding while she was expecting her first child and it was awesome to see it come to full fruition now that they have a beautiful 3 week old daughter. Ready for Christmas! 


Little Ava…

Besides the fact that most of the time I don’t look a day over fifteen years old I still feel like the era of riding bikes barefoot and  high school crushes weren’t that long ago. (Which lets be honest…it was) (:  So I gotta admit, when my inner-circle of friends started to have kids themselves it was pretty surreal. But it’s so cool to see the faces that used to show delight over Sunday football are now glowing over their kid. As for Derek and Tatum I can’t blame them. Ava is too cute to boot. You just want to be around her. It’ll be neat to see her grow and to see her parents love grow for her each day. 


Pat & Joan’s Wedding…

If you’ve ever attended a wedding more likely than not you’ve witnessed the bride and groom have a first dance followed by an awkward segway into either absolutely no one dancing for at least a couple songs or the one guest that you aren’t sure if they’re the crazy aunt or the random guest that’s already drunk “dancing” solo. Let me be very clear…Though the above scenario has almost undoubtedly true almost every weekend for the past four years this wedding was oh so different and oh so great! I kid you not, the second the first dance was over like the mall doors the day after Thanksgiving hundreds of people ran, not walked, but RAN to the dance floor. I’m small… Like can get confused for a flower girl small, and here I am getting stampeded by the very people that make me love my job for the following four hours. They were a blast! Which is so telling of my bride and groom, Joan & Pat. 
I’ve known Joan since homeroom days back in Jr. High and she’s always had this awesome sarcastic ready to try anything spirit. And though I’ve only known Pat through the wedding process this past year I have no doubt that he’s the one for Joan. Equally ready to dish a joke back he’s just perfect for her. I couldn’t be happier for these two. 
Oh and side note… I’m in love with the church they got married in. It’s as if I got to spend an hour in Europe. Pretty sweet. 

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