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So Worth It…

5 shirts and 5 degrees later I had frozen hands but awesome pictures. Hopefully, Ryan and Emily can say the same. (: 

Sure, initially I’m a little hesitant to jump out in sub-zero temps holding a frosted camera but come the first picture I remember why I absolutely LOVE winter shoots; there’s no glamour to it. We’re dealing with frozen couples, watery eyes,  and snot kisses. There’s not too much romantic about that, but that’s what makes it great. 
Think about some of the most special memories you have with your spouse or loved one. For me, it’s when I’m wearing mismatched sweats with no make up on and my husband scoops me closer to him on the couch and says: “You look really cute today.” Are you kidding!? 
So sure, you may not have dreamt of having snot kisses during your engagement pictures but guess what? That’s real, and that’s beautiful. As is this couple Ryan & Emily. Regardless of the many freezing distractions Ryan is all about Emily. You can see it in the way he looks at her. And I think Emily would spend everyday in those conditions if it meant she got to be with him. They adore each other and I’d take frostbite to do it all over again. Oh wait…I get to. They get married in February! 

4 Years Today…

I remember having butterflies in my stomach just before I saw him that day.
I remember anxiously holding the little white box anticipating his reaction.
I remember crying as I vowed that I am wholly his forever. 
I remember him carrying me so my feet wouldn’t get cold in the snow. 
I remember why I married him. 
He’s the most real, generous, and loving person I know. I am more in awe of just how incredible he is each day. And above all else, he’s the greatest evidence in my life that God is real and His blessings are so far beyond what we hope for. 
On this day 4 years ago we had friends sing a song that’s dear to my heart, and its versus are still true today: 
Thank you for Loving me…
Thank you for finding me…
Thank you for hearing me…
Thank you for healing me…
Thank you for saving me…
My Jesus I love thee
I know thou art mine. 
I am so genuinely filled with gratitude. I love my husband more than ever and am thankful for each and every day that I have him in my life.  Happy Anniversary Barto I love you. 

Christmas Wedding…

From cranberry filled vases, snowflake table numbers, and bridesmaids with winter scarves, this winter wedding was so cozy. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m biased since I myself got married in the month of December but I think it’s awesome that at such an iconic time of year Ashley and Jason will always have not just a day but in a sense a whole season to celebrate one another and the blessings that they will have experienced together that year. I wish them all the best and may this Christmas be just the first of many reminders of how lucky they are to have one another. 


Lovin’ My Niece…

I think it’s appropriate to start this one off with saying: “I love my niece!” Though I get to see her every couple months or so one slight perk to that is the ways in which she’s grown is so apparent. Little Evelyn is almost 6 months old and couldn’t be cuter. Smiling all the time you can’t help but love her even more. Cutest new thing since the last time I’ve seen her? Her obsession with the word football. (: The kid is in the right family…Her dad just finished his 15 annual Turkey-Bowl (By that I mean town kids that have been playing Football together on Thanksgiving for so long they’re gettin’ to be old men) and her Grandma refuses to skip a Bears game. So yeah…She’s a cutie-pa-tootie and I loved spending some quality holiday time with her. Can’t wait till Christmas!!


Ball Blog

We might as well just call this the Ball Family Blog because I shoot this group so often. (: 

You’ll hear no complaints here though, I love these guys. I literally have to brace my self while shooting because the constant dialogue during the shots have me laughing too hard to not shake. Fun loving, care free, and generous is this group. As always it was great to be around them.