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Coldest Day Of My Life…

The fact that I still have fingers to even type this is an engagement photo shoot miracle…The fun part of Chicago (and by fun I mean the worst characteristic of our city by FAR) is that even in late March you just don’t know what the weather will bring. This early early morning brought 15 degree temperatures and a wind chill in the negatives. Awesome…I must say this couple was hardcore and were willing to stick through it all. Once I heard that they met in line at a Starbucks that was my queue to wisk them away to reunite with their long lost coffee shop. Granted, this couple was from Indiana so not the exact same one but whimsical thought none the less. Their wedding is in late May so we’ll see what Chicago brings us then. (: 

The Po-Po Chased Us Out Engagement Session…

Okay let me just start this off by saying these two are troopers! Literally, within seconds of setting up our first shot I got called out by the seminary po-po. (Yeah that’s right…bible college wanna be police) In all fairness the guy was really nice but really? There was like 3 people there. Despite the ridiculously gorgeous setting that we now were having to leave, we hopped in the car and went from spot to spot trying to stay just one step ahead of the security truck. All in all is was a great ice-breaker and we had a great day. (:  

Travis & Stephanie’s Wedding…
One of the things I love most about photography is that I get to tell a story through images. Probably more than any other couple I’ve worked with before Travis & Stephanie get that. From the parable that was used to anticipate their engagement process, to friends sharing with the guests just how the Lord has brought these two together during the ceremony. Though I loved capturing every  personalized detail of this wedding, the thing that excites me most about these two, is that they have a strong foundation on the Lord. Marriage will have it’s ups and downs but I’m confident that these two will always remember that Christ is the author and perfecter of their faith. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off wedding season. (:                    

142 Hours In Counting…

In exactly 142 hours and 13 minutes the next wedding season begins for me; and in some ways it couldn’t come soon enough. Almost every night for the past week I’ve dreamt about capturing people’s most precious moments on their big day! Usually these dreams limit themselves to the night before a wedding but obviously we’re starting early this year. (: 
Some would say I’m a work-a-holic, others could even go as far as to say I’m OCD about weddings and though I’m in no position to dispute either label I will say I’m thrilled to stretch myself this season. I do hope however, I get some sleep before the chaos begins! (: 

Growing up my mom and I would spend quite a bit of time together. Mainly, it was me having to sit quietly while Oprah gave “life lessons” but quality time none the less. I remember often looking out of the corner of my eye to see if the typical episode of “How de-cluttering my house changed my life.” or “Empowering your spirit empowers life” has already gotten my mom crying, and most of the time it had. I’d then turn with harsh disbelief and say: “Are you crying over this!? ” (I was a sensitive young lad)  The balled up tissues that ensued quickly was my reminder to shut my mouth and “enjoy” the rest of the show. 

I don’t know if it’s an age thing or what but I am my mother’s daughter. After many years of claiming:  “No animal will ever, ever, EVER be allowed on my couch”…”I would NEVER let an animal sleep in the same bed as me…” “I hate little dogs!”… I find myself with a house full of people over for Sunday lunch and I’ve locked myself in my room crying over this little dog that I’ve been dog sitting for two weeks and now have to back! Needless to say I spooned every minute with the little guy on my couch, and I barely slept at night because I didn’t want to “disturb the dog” who inadvertently had taken over my side of the bed. 
I wasn’t ready to let him go and here I picture the people in my living room saying: “Are you crying over this!?” At this point I’d like to apologize to my mom for the many Oprah episodes I’ve mocked you over.