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I don’t know what was more adorable. This couple or the brand new puppy they brought to the shoot. (: They couple just may have the edge on this one. I know the future bride from way back when before this whole photography thing worked out for me and we worked at Starbucks. 16 pounds later and a caffeine addiction I got to pursue this passion of art and was thrilled to have Vanessa re-cross my path. We may need a cup of coffee to make it through the wedding day but at least we know the pictures will be great as the bride is effortlessly beautiful. 


Still True In Iowa….

I’ve often said that Iowa is one of my favorite places to shoot. A couple weekends a year I get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend the day with some of the most genuine people a place has to offer. This hands down was the longest engagement session I’ve done but I loved every minute of it! From off roading on the family farm at sunset to smoothies at a quaint outdoor cafe every spot was a picture waiting to happen. This couple couldn’t be sweeter, and I’m thankful I got to spend so much time with them. Looking forward to October when I, Iowa, and it’s most genuine couple re-unite. (:


Rialto Wedding

Once in awhile a gem crosses my path that despite all my wedding location stalking I had no idea the place existed. Such was true for what could be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. (Let alone got to shoot at) Getting there before the bride and groom allowed me the opportunity to figure out how to work in this huge space. So as I’m walking around this ginormous theatre it becomes more and more apparent that I’m the only one there. Amazing? yes. Kinda creepy? Yes. As if I were transported into the Phantom of the Opera I keep checking over my shoulder to make sure it’s still just me. (: It was such a great opportunity and I loved every bit of it! Thanks to Issa and Elaine for allowing me to be a part of their special day. 

What Has Washed Away My Sin…

Like molasses from the jar my stubborn and hardened heart has been so slow to move. I thank God He hasn’t given up on me! Often times I find myself caught in a world of Christian cliché’s, where one is admired for saying how they know they aren’t perfect and like a work in progress, God is continuing to change them. Which in a sense is true. But there’s something so much greater than that. Something that’s past tense but completely effects today and my future. God isn’t just changing me…He has CHANGED me! 
I found a note that I wrote myself while listening to a sermon this past summer. It was based from our Study in Revelation 22:14- Here are the words of Pastor Colin…
“Simply owning a washing machine doesn’t make your clothes clean nor does owning a laundry basket. Clothes must be washed. Simply owning the machine (Admitting you’re dirty) doesn’t cleanse you, only the submerging of dirt and sin in the blood of Jesus will do.” 
Later he prayed and today this is mine: “Wash me, clean me, change me until I meet you, so that every bit of evidence of sin is out of my life. Keep washing until the stain is out.” 
Yes, I’m a work in progress, but my my heart is no longer sitting on top of the machine. God has washed it. 

Eric & Jerusalem’s Wedding!

It’s 8am back in college and just before class is about to begin  I’d always see this gorgeous girl come in to say a quick “hello” to this guy….After seeing it occur day after day I had this little secret crush on this couple. Wondering if they’re still together, if they’ll someday get married, have a house with the white picket fence the whole bit. Well…After several years I get a call and instantly I know who it was…It was the girl that everyone talked about (in a good way) back in college, the girl that seemed to be friends with just about everyone, the same one that would stop by to see this guy in my class everyday. As lame as it sounds I’ve secretly been rooting for this couple for years and now I get to shoot their wedding! Throughout the process I fell more in love with these two. Despite naturally being one of the most good-looking couples I’ve ever seen the thing that shines the brightest is how they wholeheartedly love the Lord and love each other. I always say in the end I want my clients to become more like my friends and such is genuinely true with these two. I know we’ll have many Ethiopian dinner and dance nights to come. (: