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Soccer Players For Life…

The first day I might the future bride was at soccer training camp back when we played in college. We got off to a well….interesting start but really when it comes down to it I finally had found someone as competitive as I was! Really though, there’s few people in my life that’s has had that experience that we had and it’s been a bond ever since. From girl talks over a burrito at Chipotle to trying to re-live our glory days via a co-ed indoor team Melissa (yes, we even share a name) ( :  is a dear friend. I’m so glad that she’s finally found the one for her and I consider it a privilege to be a part of their big day.


They Get It…

I often tell my couples little tid-bits of wedding day advice. I after all  have only been to a couple hundred. (: One of the things I find myself saying the most often is whatever the emotion is…go with it. I’ve seen too many times where the bride and groom try and “hold it together” that their whole effort is going toward that rather than soaking it all in. Sure you may be embarrassed for a minute that you cried in front of more people than you ever have before but really in the grand scheme of it all what will you remember? The one moment of shyness or the time that you go to wipe a tear from your soon to be husbands face? This couple got it. The rode the ride of the wedding day and it was beautiful. I absolutely loved how there were two things that could get the groom to instantly cry. The Lord…And his bride. I think that’s a picture (no pun intended) of how there lives will be. That the two things that completely overwhelm them with gratitude and joy is our Lord and each other. For that, and many other reasons, I loved spending one day in time with these two. 


Go Cubs Go!

I gotta say…There’s two major perks to what I do. 1.) I get to hang out with awesome couples. 2.) Once in awhile I get a chance of a lifetime to go to locations that I otherwise wouldn’t be allowed. Today, the latter was true and it was sweet. Myself, an old-time friend from way back when, and her fiance Ryan got an opportunity to live any Chicago sport-lovers dream and run solo for awhile with an empty Wrigley Field. It was surreal…It was huge…And it was awesome! It was fun to watch Laura’s face as she saw her future husband giddily run amongst the seats and slide himself on the dugout bench. I can’t blame her I loved watching it too. (: Glad to hear that the many pictures will be added to sports memorabilia room in their future home. I have no doubt we will have as much fun in August for the wedding. Can’t wait! (: 


My lil’ Sweet Pea…

Can I just say I just absolutely adore this little girl!! Granted, she is my niece, but still, what’s not to love!?  After much betting I went against the pact and predicted that the gender was going to be a girl. I gotta say…I’m glad that I was right. (: She’s just the cutest thing! I shall take it upon myself to show her the ropes on being part tom-boy and part glamour girl. Practically have her first soccer ball and tube of mascara ready for her. (: 

For those who say they don’t see God working miracles let little Evelyn Mae be proof that the Lord has uniquely and perfectly made us. She is living evidence that on June 8th, 2009 God performed a miracle. Wish I could live closer to her but I’ll shower her with love every chance I get. (:



I don’t know what was more adorable. This couple or the brand new puppy they brought to the shoot. (: They couple just may have the edge on this one. I know the future bride from way back when before this whole photography thing worked out for me and we worked at Starbucks. 16 pounds later and a caffeine addiction I got to pursue this passion of art and was thrilled to have Vanessa re-cross my path. We may need a cup of coffee to make it through the wedding day but at least we know the pictures will be great as the bride is effortlessly beautiful.