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Though I look like I’m twelve, I’ve been doing this wedding thing quite awhile now. (And no, I’m not sick of it) (: Where I’m goin’ with this is more often than not I’ve already shot a wedding in the location before. Which has it’s perks…I have my favorite spots, I know the lighting, it’s the well oiled wedding machine that’s in my head already. But once in awhile I get a new one. And even rarer than that I get a new one that completely blows my mind. Such was a day. With new locations my mind is always reeling. Where should I go? How do I make it work? What would look the best after it’s edited? The thinking never really stops. Which is also pretty fun as I’m constantly having “aha! that’s perfect” moments. I think I had about a million of those on the Rookery staircase. It’s one of the most fantastic things I’ve seen. Something equally great is my bride Meghann and my groom Phil. I literally said: “Don’t hate me but do you think you could lay down on the stairs?” As I’m leaning over the railing three floors above them. No hesitation at all! They full out lay on the stairs. Wedding dress and all! Loved it. They do not hesitate to just go for it. For me…that’s ideal. I loved it!


Just Not The Same…

Because we’ve had several engagement parties, engagement pictures, weddings, you name its together over the past year it’s surreal to think that this wedding (a fabulous one at that) is actually over. Though I’m taking their family picture (now that so many have married in) in just a couple months, and though I’m confident I’ll see them at many more weddings to come it just isn’t the same. I love these two and don’t want it to be over. 

On a fairly regular basis I’ll be in the car with a group of friends and a certain song will come on and I’ll go: “Welcome to my Saturday nights.” Meaning, there’s certain iconic songs that are played at pretty much every wedding i.e. Billy Jean, Sweet Caroline, etc. and though it’s no surprise for me it’s still good fun. Similarly, the whole circle around the bride and groom bit as the last song plays. Shocking? No…But, I will say, this one had a different vibe to it. A fresh, great, did that just happen vibe. It just wasn’t the same and I was a fan. 
Stoked for these two as they are a perfect fit for one another. 
See you guys at the next wedding. (:
How cute are these place cards? (: 

Vintage Hollywood

I love when brides go for personality pieces. Though Kristina’s (my bride for the day) initial response was that she was going to go for a totally different look I’m so glad she didn’t! She asked me to take a picture of her headpiece and as I carefully opened the box I fully expected to see a tiara, a head band, comb barrette pretty much the typical beautiful accessory for any bride. Can I just say I literally gasped when I opened the box? It was this fantastic feather, gem, I don’t know how else to say it but most gorgeous vintage hollywood lookin’ headpiece ever! It completely got me stoked for the day and inspired the lens I was going to view their wedding through. I’m sure I annoyed Kristina with how many times I said: “You look awesome!” I couldn’t help it, she did!

Another highlight of the day was during her father daughter dance…She started it off with a slow, lovely little number and midway had it come to a screeching halt (to the surprise of her father) and busted out Miley Cyrus and some moves to boot. Her dad was a great sport about it and got the party off to a killer start. Great fun. 
Thanks to the bride and groom for letting me be a part of it. 

Cuttin’ A Rug…

It’s a blog entry like this where I wish it could have a sound track playing in the back ground. What song? “We like to party.” Yes, the Venga Boys are old school but I’m pretty sure this bride and groom are the only two that can keep up with it. (: They are an absolute riot! I loved watching them go absolutely crazy on the dance floor. At one point the groom even pulled me to the side to say: “Sit back and enjoy the show.” And enjoy I did. It was great! 

One highlight for sure was the garter…I know I know…It’s never anyone’s favorite part of the night (Well, except for the grooms) (: buuuut this was no ordinary garter experience. The bride and groom being the two most fun people ever thought they’d play a trick on the guests. They pretended that they couldn’t find the garter on her and eventually they switched roles having the bride be the one to seductively take it off of the grooms leg! 
These two know how to laugh…I’m confident that in the highs and lows of life they will be the first to pick the other up with a light hearted joke and a genuine smile. (: 

Biggest Fan

If there’s ever a day in you life you’re not feeling so confident, you need this bride, Lisa, around! Besides the fact that she’s the only one I can think of that really reads this blog I tell ya, she could very well be the most encouraging person I’ve ever come across. The best part about it is that you know she really means it. Flattery can come and go so fast (especially in the photography world) but genuine gratitude and encouragement can impact someone for a lifetime. I can’t imagine that I would ever be able to forget her wedding, her family, her friends, the way her husband completely adores her, any of it. It was real, and in a true sense, all pictures aside, (though I loved the images as well) was one of the greatest experiences for weddings I’ve had yet. My cheeks literally hurt from smiling so much that day. 

Something else that made me smile…Seeing how much Brent & Lisa’s friends and family love them. Often times, in the chaos of a wedding day I find bridesmaids self-absorbed in mirrors doing their own make-up, their own hair, their own agenda. Not this group…They love Lisa, (I can’t blame them!) and made sure it was the most special day for her. And the guys…they are as true as they come. It’s easy for guys to skim over the wedding day with the assumption that the groom knows how tight they are and it doesn’t really have to be said. Again, not this group. These guys are the best of friends and they truly were there for Brent on this day and I know they’ll be there for him in the future. 
So…I should probably wrap up this wedding novel. (: I am truly glad that I got to witness such a day as this.