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Little Ava…

Besides the fact that most of the time I don’t look a day over fifteen years old I still feel like the era of riding bikes barefoot and  high school crushes weren’t that long ago. (Which lets be honest…it was) (:  So I gotta admit, when my inner-circle of friends started to have kids themselves it was pretty surreal. But it’s so cool to see the faces that used to show delight over Sunday football are now glowing over their kid. As for Derek and Tatum I can’t blame them. Ava is too cute to boot. You just want to be around her. It’ll be neat to see her grow and to see her parents love grow for her each day. 


Pat & Joan’s Wedding…

If you’ve ever attended a wedding more likely than not you’ve witnessed the bride and groom have a first dance followed by an awkward segway into either absolutely no one dancing for at least a couple songs or the one guest that you aren’t sure if they’re the crazy aunt or the random guest that’s already drunk “dancing” solo. Let me be very clear…Though the above scenario has almost undoubtedly true almost every weekend for the past four years this wedding was oh so different and oh so great! I kid you not, the second the first dance was over like the mall doors the day after Thanksgiving hundreds of people ran, not walked, but RAN to the dance floor. I’m small… Like can get confused for a flower girl small, and here I am getting stampeded by the very people that make me love my job for the following four hours. They were a blast! Which is so telling of my bride and groom, Joan & Pat. 
I’ve known Joan since homeroom days back in Jr. High and she’s always had this awesome sarcastic ready to try anything spirit. And though I’ve only known Pat through the wedding process this past year I have no doubt that he’s the one for Joan. Equally ready to dish a joke back he’s just perfect for her. I couldn’t be happier for these two. 
Oh and side note… I’m in love with the church they got married in. It’s as if I got to spend an hour in Europe. Pretty sweet. 

New Customized Photo Cards!

I’m Pretty sure my carpel tunnel has come back with all the work I’ve been doing on these new products. And let me just say…It was well worth it! I love love love the new line of Save the Date, Birth Announcement, and Holiday cards. 

All are completely customizable and come in sets of 25. Turn-around time is about a week so if you’re diggin’ the holiday cards and think you may want to use them for this season I’d e-mail me at: so we can get in your design in time. 
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"Fall"in In Love…

Love shooting here, love gorgeous fall days, and I love beautiful people. Okay that last part sounded different in my head but let me explain…I’m pretty sure this is just a girl thing buuuut ladies you know when you come across another girl who’s so stunning there’s a real part of you that wishes you looked like her? Yeah that was me throughout this entire shoot. (: It wasn’t in a spiteful envious way, more like: she’s gorgeous inside and out and I admire that. 

Anyway…all that to say, I loved spending the day with these two. (: 
Oh! Annnnd I got to try out a picture idea I’ve had in my head for awhile but didn’t have the right couple to do it. Until today…And they were troopers cuz that straw is not forgiving. Sigh…I’m happy and much to do with it is the fact that it took forever just choosing what pictures to put on here because I loved them all. And to that I say one last time that I love fall. (:

Green Eyes…

Green Eyes…aka…The absolute opposite of my eye color, a great Cold Play song, as well as what made National Geographic a phenomenon around the world. Dawn, my bride for the day has the most incredible eyes I’ve ever seen in real life. They are completely enchanting. And since it’s said (well, at least in the photography world) that eyes make the picture you can say I was a little excited to get to shoot Dawn. 

I’d have to say my favorite part of the day was when we had a little extra time and thought we’d experiment with some pictures near a window in her house. My guess is my inner monologue of “holy cow, that was sweet” became more of an outer-monologue because she asked if she could see one of the pictures. So I turned my camera so she could see my monitor of the last image taken and when I looked up those beautiful eyes of hers had tears in them. So what was the picture of? Her eyes of course! (: