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Lowes Hotel Chicago Wedding: Melissa Marie Photography: MICHAEL + KRISTIN

Whether it’s the biggest party you’ve ever been to, or an elopement, weddings…marriage…it’s personal.

There’s no more intimate act than to forever commit oneself entirely to another. Now whether that’s celebrated amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, or it’s a commitment of the heart made official at the courthouse, celebrating, cherishing, and taking in every moment are things to not let slip by. (And yet so easily can with all that a wedding day can bring.)

Kristin & Michael desired one thing. In my opinion, the most important thing: Each other.  The more they could savor the better. Their wedding was at the absolutely incredible Loews Hotel in Chicago. Honestly, some of the most jaw dropping views I’ve ever seen in my career, in their favorite city, Chicago. (And don’t even get me started on their staff. From the valet who literally ran from taxi to taxi to find the cleanest one for us. To the seamstress that came up the moment we arrived back to help sew the bride’s dress. To every waitstaff who usually I think fly under the radar but this crew genuinely loves their jobs. And Claire…By far, hands-down the most involved (in the most amazing way!) catering manager I’ve ever worked with.

So even with the all star team behind the scenes there were factors that were out of everyone’s control. Scenarios that were unchangeable and challenged the very reason they chose to have a wedding instead of an elopement. Tears of bitterness, sadness, disappointment, in all senses would have been justified, I’d even say reasonable. But what tears did Kristin + Michael have? One’s of utter gratefulness & love. Truly, a mere look at each other could well up their eyes. So here they amidst the biggest that the city can offer amidst circumstances that most would have crumbled and they stood. They stood hand-hand. Fiercely promising their forevers. Now that my friends is intimacy. That is marriage at it finest. If the could they would have chosen other circumstances perhaps but no doubt they would not change who the person on the other end of the aisle was. I’m so utterly grateful to find and capture such people. May your wedding photos be so much more. May they be images of who you. Like mirrors reflecting what is true. Your love, warmth, ability to endure, and desire to give all of yourselves fully to each other.

Thank you for allowing me to capture all of this within you.




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