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Melissa Marie Photography: Chicago Newborn Photographer

Motherhood has made me a puddle of mush. (In more ways than one) (: And if something is remotely sentimental about being a mom, or kids, I just can’t. Well, I can, about half-way until I’m about to full on lose it in sentimental tears. Have you guys seen those social media posts that something along the heart wrenching lines of: “You only have 18 summers with them. Make this one memorable.” or the most recent that I still can’t bring myself to read fully through. (Denial can be a good thing right?) Which actually, my own mom posted to my Facebook (Cue Sob emoji)

“You blink and they are 8. Then 28. And then they are parents, resembling a you you once were. So take it in, mama.

Let them climb into bed with you at any hour of the night. Sing that song they requested for the tenth time. Hold them a little tighter when all they want is to feel your skin against theirs.

Maybe in raising children you lose your mind a little bit. But, boy, do you find your soul. Embrace the exhaustion. The overwhelming. The hard days. And all the joy.”

Time goes by so incredibly fast! It truly does feel like a blink of an eye sometimes. Despite my best askings for my baby boy to always remain little, he continues to grow. So I can’t stop time fully but in a sense I can through photos. Capturing life’s memories in weddings, babies, families, and the everyday in-between means so much more to me than an “art” or a “craft.” It’s the ability to capture time in a photograph. One second at a time… One photo at a time. And so I will cling to every precious moment this life gives, and treasure the gift that photos are.

Katie & Doc- I know the days can be long and in hind-sight all to short at the same time. I hope these first images of Ellie are a time capsule of the joy that she is! And yes, I’m team smile. I’m confident that she is in fact, smiling!! She’s a doll! So happy for you guys!! Congrats!


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