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Melissa Marie Photography: Anniversary Shoot

Everything about a wedding is personal; or at least it should be (in my opinion.) So after months of wedding prep with my couples it truly is they start as clients and end up as friends. That was all too easy with Jonathan and Emily. They are adventurous yet down-to-earth. They love other people dearly and are quick to put everyone before themselves. They’re cheesy, goofy, and are hysterical as they poke fun at each other. They’re also the kind of people that get their wedding photographer (Umm…That’s me) a Christmas & birthday gift. They also gifts with my husband and kiddo in mind. They traveled Thailand and brought my family and I a whole gift basket of thoughtfulness. Umm… What!? Who does that!? They do! They are generous of possessions but even more so of heart. I cannot believe it’s been a year since I captured their big day. In many ways, feels like we’ve known each other forever. So it was ultra sweet to do an anniversary shoot with these two! I loved their idea to go back to Independece Grove (the venue they got married at) to have a picnic with their wedding wine & to read the letters they wrote to each other on their wedding day. I know right!? How flippin’ sweet is that!?

In true Emily style, no detail was overlooked. I promise you, for how over-the-top to perfection everything Emily does, she’s so incredibly chill about it all. As I unpack their picnic, I essentially unearthed a wedding time-capsule. Her wedding veil was the table cloth to their wedding champagne flutes. Their beverage napkins weighted down from the wind with their wedding invitation. She had her head table centerpiece. I’m tellin’ you, it was a fairytale. Which is fitting since her wedding theme was Disney and every table had a fairytale! Which does Emily not look like a flippin’ (yes, cheesy mermaid pun because Jonathan and Emily are cheesy and appreciate it) mermaid coming from the water in this image!?


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