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So my husband is a twin and throughout our whole relationship I’ve heard his mom tell countless stories of their family “mayhem.” My favorite being that when the twins were about two years old they couldn’t find Bart (my now husband). They were calling and calling and calling for him even started to search around the outside of the house but couldn’t find him. But low and behold who climbed the kitchen cabinets to get on top of the refrigerator to sit and eat a full box of cookies watching everyone’s search for him.

Hearing the stories over the years has been funny. And if I’m being honest, I may have thought a time or two that the saga of having twins was a bit dramatic. Well, I got to spend the afternoon with a dear family I’ve photographed over the years who are celebrating their twins first birthdays. Beth, to me, is a super mom. How she does it all I’m always in awe. Well, I got to see firsthand a bit of that for a couple hours while rotating through her three kiddos. And let me tell you, I have a new appreciation for moms in general but especially those rocking the daily life with multiples. So I feel like the first birthday was and is not only a mile stone for the little ones but also for the parents. The ones who day in and day out have selflessly, patiently, and most importantly lovingly been there for their kids day in and day out. So happy one year celebration you guys!


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