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Chicago Newborn Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography: Meet Connor!

Having kids is what I call a perspective adjuster. What mattered before either just doesn’t anymore (at least in comparison). What occupied your thoughts, time, money, dreams, all are now in a sense recalibrated to that bundle of joy you now live & breathe for. In a way, there’s amazing freedom in that as it really just boils down to, your kid comes first, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s also terrifying as you realize that most everything of actual value is now in the must vulnerable little body. But oh how worth it they are! So happy for you guys! Thanks for sharing precious time with me to capture Connor in his first days!


Love this image of Connor in his Cubbies Onsie. Caption contest for it on my Instagram Page:  @Melissamariephoto


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