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Melissa Marie Photography: Chicago Trump Tower Engagement Session: CHARLES +MEGAN

You ever wonder what wedding planners weddings look like when they get married? Wedding photographers photos look like when it’s their big day? Even with me living and breathing weddings everyday I still get curious to see what people in the “industry” do when it becomes their turn. Well, today, I got to photograph Charles & Megan. The creative owners of Charles Jewelry  who’s timeless, handcrafted designs are honestly jaw-dropping! So of course it took me .2 seconds to see Megan’s sparkling gem on her finger. WOW! WOW! WOW! Umm…Did I say wow!? They make custom made jewelry pieces so to see a ring so classically beautiful yet unlike any other was a perfect reflection of Megan!

Now these two have an edge to them. Literally. Her of course, one of a kind  Louboutins (he was rockin’ em too) which Charles window shopped for her when he took her to Paris (Yeah, is this not like a ridiculously amazing romantic scene) are literally studded from heal to toe. Again, that cross-position between such a unique, handcrafted design, on such classically beautiful girl. And speaking of edge…These two could cut with their muscles. They are fit fit fit! But they still eat. Megan a foodie chef of the house had pork chops waiting for them back at their place to be made after our shoot.

I literally cannot wait to see and capture their wedding!! And on the day to day, seeing their gorgeous jewelry on their insta page @Charlesjewelry 


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