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Melissa Marie Photography: Acquaviva Winery: JEFF + BETHY

A wine picnic amongst the vineyard. Dreamy right? Okay… Real talk. It was hot. Like real hot. Was supposed to be overcast to the point of flirting with rain but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Which actually makes things tricky. It means it’ll be roasty toasty for you, (Which Jeff + Bethy, ya’ll were troopers!) and shadow challenges for me. So next time you have photos don’t root for that bright sunny day, but rather clouds.
But don’t sympathize too hard for us. A sprawling vineyard in Illinois is already a rare experience but they even got a private wine tasting and better yet, we got private access to where they age and store the wine! Brings new meaning to Rose’ all day! Which that was both their favorites by the way if you ever stop by for a tasting. Cheers you guys! Can’t wait for the big day!


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