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Chicago Family Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography: Cantigny Park Wheaton: MADDIE

I am a complete sucker for “where are they now?” type shows. If a show I’m hooked on doesn’t have one, you better believe I’m googling like a mad woman about what they’re up to now? That’s probably why catching up with families who I’ve captured over the years is one of my favorite parts of what I get to do everyday. Last time I captured little Maddy, she was maybe 2 weeks old?  She’s now 18 months! What!?  She’s always had piercing eyes and has been cute as a button, but to now see her so full of vibrant, playful energy, is so fun! Besides, what kid makes it through 2 hours of photos without one (NOT ONE!) meltdown? She just played in the Cantigny gardens, smelling the flowers, plucking the petals, making us all laugh. It all makes me nostalgic. (And all the more appreciative of the gift that photos gives us) She’s grown so much in what seems like a blink of an eye. And the next time I see her, she’ll have a whole new set of things she’s into. Soon enough, I’ll be taking her senior photos. Okay, slow my roll. But really, it’s so sweet to be able to see “where this family is now” and get little previews of what’s to come. Can’t wait till next time!


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