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Chicago Engagement Photos: Melissa Marie Photography: MARISSA + JORDAN

They had me at that they’re having a brunch wedding. (Brunch, quite possibly in my top 3 simple pleasures in life.) They had me at donut cake. (Let all the angels say amen!) They had me at engagement photos at the house with coffee. (Coffee, absolutely, no doubt, in the top 3 simples pleasure in life) (:

These two are my wedding couple soul mates!

I knew it from the moment I first heard about their vision for their wedding. Of course, I’m obsessed with the brunch, the donut cake, the coffee, the whole thing. But the best part of brunch is that you’re having a relaxed time with people. And that’s what Marissa & Jordan have focused on from the get-go. In a day that can often times feel full or even hurried, I love that we get to slow down, and allow these two to soak up every moment of their wedding day. Savoring conversations & coffee…Dancing over handfuls of donuts.  The people are the party. Mimosas help. (:

We’re starting a hashtag that #brunchisbest but I’d argue Marissa & Jordan are. Absolutely cannot wait for the wedding!


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