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Melissa Marie Photography: Chicago Newborn Photographer:DAVID

Back in the day, I vowed to be the coolest mom on the planet. To dress my kid in the all the brands I didn’t have growing up. To never get the “mom” haircut. To buck the mini-van trend. Pretty much all the things that in reality now as a mom I embrace with a proud “heck yes I do that!” One of my favorite days of the year now are the mega mom resales. It’s like a mix of Black Friday and thrifting for kids stuff.   I recently chopped my hair. My pre-req was less about the style and more so that I still needed to be able to fit it in a ponytail. (Even if an itty bitty one) Oh, and that minivan…You’d think my husband was talking about a Lexus the way he eyes minivans these days!

I’ve embraced the reality that having kids really does change things. Changes them wonderfully. Worth every I’m lookin’ a hot-mess second. But then I go into homes like Erica & Mike’s and I’m like: “Ya’ll are actually doing it!” You know, the still have your cool factor that most the rest of us parents have abandoned along side our previously late night cocktails & Netflix binges.

Mike & Erica, in all seriousness, (though ya’ll are for real providing major parent cool factor) you’re doing amazing as parents in short weeks that you’ve had David. Taking things in stride…Letting David get all the puppy brother kisses…Feeding instinctively…Hoping for a vacation (which I sure hope you’re on this week!) but holding the plan loosely…There’s going to be days where it’s easy, and days where you type out a blog as your kiddo throws a teething fit. (: Days where you’ll feel ahead of the parenting cool factor and days where you’re literally embarrassed to be seen. It’s all okay! Actually, more than okay. It’s real life. A life that you never fully can prepare for but one you would never trade even if you had seen it all coming. Keep embracing this new chapter. You’re doing amazing.


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