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Stan Mansion Wedding Melissa Marie Photography: Steve + Kimi

I don’t even know where to begin.
The fact that the weather was nearly 50F degrees when days otherwise were in the negative temps…

That the bride adorned unicorns…
That a T-Rex chased the bride & groom into their reception…

I could try and talk about how perhaps the best man speech which was turned into a serenade, was absolutely mind-blowingly epic!

I could talk about how in a wedding world where stress can at times dampen the joy, there was no shortage of hoootin’, hollerin’, and shenanigans.

I could easily talk about any of those things, but I’ll let the photos tell that story. Instead, I’ll speak about the people.
More specifically, the bride & groom.

If unicorns & T-rex’s weren’t enough evidence, these two are FUN! Their kid-at-heart spirits, endearing quirkiness, and  not caring what other people think about it is absolutely refreshing! But behind the life of the party (which they surely are!) are two people that are resilient, ambitious, and the type that will work hard to make goals a reality. Both being athletes they know things don’t come easy. Sometimes, the effort is in the 5AM beach run mentality. The hard-work grind when no one else is taking note or making you do it. Steve + Kimi, that’s going to be huge in your marriage. Your goofy, light-hearted nature is going to make life’s challenges a whole lot more fun. And your willingness to get back up even when it hurts, no one’s watching, or “keeping score.” That’s the kinda stuff that pulls the W in life when it’s game-point. I sure can’t serenade you like Jonathan’s speech but I can give you thousands of little reminders of how incredible your wedding day was. And even more importantly…How loved you guys are as you start your journey into Mr. & Mrs. Congrats guys!

And anyone that has a Stans Donuts for their late night dessert bar has my heart.

HOTEL: Hyatt Regency Chicago:

VENUE: Stan Mansion:

DRESS: Hayley Paige:

CATERER: La Cocina Fusion:



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