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Nicole is my sister-in-law. So some may say my words are biased, but I’d say who knows someone better than family? She’s accomplished so much. Much of which has been on her own. From raising two amazing kids as a single mom, working full time, or becoming a leader in the real estate industry. (Truly, if ya’ll need a realtor Nicole outta be your girl! She’s found us all 3 of the places we’ve called home over the years.) To now teaching real estate classes & managing an entire  branch with 80 people working for her. What’s even more impressive is how she’s done it. It wasn’t by clawing her way to the top. Wasn’t by complaining (though she had every right to) that she was doing it on her own. It wasn’t by cutting corners or stepping on others to get ahead. But rather, it was with humbleness. It was with good-honest hard work. It was with an attitude of still putting everyone before herself. She was doing just fine (and then some!) but we love that she no longer is doing so on her own. She has someone that gets flowers delivered to her work regularly to brighten her day. She now has someone to box out of the bed with an excessive amount of pillows. (: She now has someone to celebrate her accomplishments with. Someone who adores, loves, and respects her dearly. Someone that sees and treats her like the gem that she is. Marc is successful in his own right. But much like Nicole, he cares much more about values and people than the bottom line. Here’s to a New Year as a duo! And to a lifetime of memories to come! Congrats!

If ya’ll need a realtor, she’s the best in the biz!

Jackie Ball-Costello - January 15, 2018 - 12:11 AM

And what a blessing to have you as a sister-in-law. Wonderful pictures.

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