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Chicago Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography: Bridal Besties

These girls were the dancers for the Chicago Rush so you better believe we were jammin’ to tunes while takin’ pics. Annnnnd they all could be models. Like legit. Could be models. Easiest photo day ever. (:

They have beautiful hearts too. Who upon hours of knowing me agrees to come to my fundraiser? (Check out Invisible Girl Project y’all they’re amazing) This truly needs to become a thing. As in people getting in their wedding gowns with their besties and living it up all over again. This time with no pressure or agenda other than drink a little, laugh a ton, and be grateful for the wonderful marriages & friendships that are still going. If you have a catchy name for it, I’m all ears, cuz I for think I want to do this like everyday.  So far, all I got is bridal besties….(:

You girls couldn’t have been sweeter, more fun, easy-going, and beautiful (inside & out). Thank you for taking a chance on joining a photog in her kitchen for some photos. (:

xoxo- Melissa



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