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Chicago Newborn Photographer: Meet Baby Carson!

One of the things I love the most about newborn sessions being in people’s homes is the intimacy of it. For baby and mom to both be in good enough health to be home in-and-of-itself is a precious milestone to not take for granted. But to then capture the first days while they’re still the first days (Trust, the cliche’ of you blink and they’ll be grown is all too real!) is something you’ll never get back. In ways when I think about it I get overly nostalgic about time; making the most of it, and savoring while amidst it. Which sounds great, but when that turns to nostalgia of “I’ll never get this moment back” I turn to my personal time capsules: Photos. It helps change my attitude to gratitude. The days that are short and long at the same time are ones that I never want to forget. They are gifts. Our children are gifts. So here’s to staring a little longer at the little fingers and toes. Here’s to “one more snuggle” before bedtime. Here’s to being grateful for the precious gift that has been entrusted to us as parents. And here’s to images that can stop time when we most wish we could.


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