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Chicago Family Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography

In my relatively new to being a mom opinion, “mom guilt” is a real thing. We obviously want to give our kids the world. When that world at times seems like it’s shaken a bit, or at minimal, not as joyful as we envisioned or hoped in the moment, it can be discouraging. Something I love about kids though is they are so incredibly gracious & resilient. When I’m at my wits-end of: “What on earth is going on!?” I’m minutes away (usually) from smiles, and laugher, as if all was right in the world again.

I feel like family sessions are a good reflection of that. We may come in with a certain vision in our minds as to this “Sound of Music” frolicking, when in reality we have meltdowns. (: However, I always say, just keep loving on them, don’t worry about the photos, and inevitably they soon enough are their adorable, precious, joyful selves again. These are the real days of life with kids. And besides…I can always cut out the meltdown photos. (: The smiles and precious moments are the ones that sometimes get overshadowed in our memories. Through photos…Want to highlight them! Store them for your rainy days. Hold on to them when the “mom guilt” kicks in, and we think we should be or do more than what we are. Grace & love are enough.


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