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For those of you who’ve never never done a photo session with me before (Umm…You’re missing out! Contact me for one!) (:

You may not know that I actually do every photo both in color and black and white. Why? Well, the honest answer is I can’t choose! Each image has such a different feel if it’s in color or if it’s black & white. So though my clients get both versions, I spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to choose which version to post for the blog. Well, it’s wedding season, and we’ve done 22 mini sessions so there’s no time for mulling it over forever! So I took to Instagram! (@melissamariephoto) And a ton of you voted on my Insta story as to which version you thought I should go with. It was a close one! And verifies why it was a hard decision for me too, but ya’ll said the fall colors were to dreamy not to include. And I’d add that lil’ Davin’s amazing blues eyes! There really wasn’t a bad photo in the bunch. These guys are beautiful! And I’m not just sayin’ that since I play Dave in soccer often and I wanna win. (: 



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