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Chicago Family Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography

I wasn’t one who initially wanted kids. Don’t get me wrong…I’m very much a kid person, I just never really saw that for me. Well, after 11 years of marriage, we had a baby boy. It was seconds after holding him that I said: “I want a litter of them!” I would have done it all over again in a heart-beat. And Lord willing, someday I will. So I’m a little bit envious (in a wonderful way) of this beautiful family of 7! Now it’s not about quantity but quality right? Well, this family has that in spades!!! I tell ya the genuine, kind, loving, vibrant hearts of each one of them is such a gift. Each child is so specifically loved they show no sign of jealousy, resentment, or envy. Rather, they absolutely adore each other! The amount of effort that pours in on a daily basis is an investment into these little one’s hearts that’s already paying off. I’m sure when cameras aren’t around there’s times where it’s not so pretty, nor easy but Annie & Justin, keep pressing the heart of Christ into your littles! I’m sure it can be hard to see amidst the dust that gets kicked up from the whirlwind that is 5 kiddos but the love they have is a reflection of Christ’s love for them. They first saw that in you!! So messes be had, chaos unsettled, and joy to be had with one another. Absolute joy to capture you guys!!  


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