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St. George Greek Orthodox Church Chicago Wedding: PAT + ADRIENNE

It’s was sort of a backwards elopement. That is the main wedding was quaint in the backyard of a lake house in New York. And the small wedding was in the big city. Now it wasn’t in elopement in that everyone knew about both ceremonies. But I loved the premise behind why they did it this way. And so did they! They kept saying: “This is so fun!” “I wouldn’t have even noticed that at the first wedding, it goes by so fast.” Sure, it’s fun to wear your wedding dress again, and have totally polar opposite location vibes for photos: Lakeside or big city. But the reason they did it this way, and the reason I think more people ought to think about doing it this way is that they wanted to have an orthodox ceremony where their grandparents could attend. So at the first wedding in New York, they partied. They danced. They had what you would more so anticipate the events on a wedding day to be. That then allowed the Chicago wedding to be relaxed. We hit the big Chicago landmarks for photos with no rushing. The ceremony involved no nerves. And most importantly, they got to just sit and have dinner at local restaurant with their family. No going from table to table. They just got to sit with grandparents and soak up time together. Doesn’t that just sound refreshing? Loved it! And so glad they did too! Congrats Pat & Adrienne! 


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