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Chicago Family Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography

This family has a special place in my heart. The last time I photographed them I was pregnant. Never having had been a parent, the unknowns were at times daunting.  I didn’t know the gender of my kiddo, but I had a strong premonition that it was going to be a boy. (I was right!) Somewhere between curling up to read Scary Stories, the spontaneous hugs that were given, and playing games in their back yard between photos, I felt my fear melt. If I could have any part of this “family life” I got a taste of with these kiddos, I’d be blessed. Fast forward, and my little one is now 10 months old and I can’t begin to put into words the joy that is in my heart from being a mom. Thankful for another day capturing these kiddos! 


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