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Chicago Botanic Garden Engagement Photos: Matt + Maria

Alright. Survey…What kind of packer are you when it comes to travel? I am a very thorough light(ish) packer. As in I can have all that I need strategically only in a carry on for 3 weeks in India but that bag and it’s contents have been interchanged for weeks on my floor. If I think of something I throw it in the bag. Adding… subtracting… editing what’s priority. (Hmm… Kinda like photos) (:

As Maria & Matt and me and my camera strolled the Chicago Botanic Gardens we chatted about travel dreams. From the English walled garden to the Japanese, each spot was more dreamy than the next. And that’s all to do with how adorable these two are together. Sure the gardens are beautiful but guys… it was so ridiculously hot I cannot even tell you. Well, I can tell you that Matt literally brought a spray bottle mister it was that hot. (Hello fall in Chicago!) Which made me wonder what kinda packers they’d be for their honeymoon. Whether they end up in New Zealand, Japan, or the Galápagos Islands I know they’ll have all they need by just having each other. They’re infectiously in love!


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