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Growing up I never quite fit the social norm of being a “girl.” My favorite color was Army Green, I wanted to be an Olympian, I’d complain every Sunday when my parents would make me wear a dress to church. Through high school they put me in the boys gym classes because I was so competitive. They’d put a cap on how many goals in floor hockey I could score. That’s not so much bragging about my goals but rather, my lack of being able to stop. (It was park district league after all; cool my jets!) I was told I was too small to play basketball or volleyball so of course I tried out for both playing it all the way through high school to spite people. Again, most of this…stereotypically…not normal for a “girl.”

Well, the more I got to know Kimi (a bride I photographed last winter) the more I saw that there were in fact others like me out there. Photo slides showing her in full ice-hockey gear. Instead of flowers hanging off of her head table chairs it was jerseys. And yet, she is absolutely the sweetest person!!! A go-getter at heart, life of the party for sure, but her softness is a beautiful compliment to her goal-oriented spirit. So it was ultra refreshing to see her baby girls nursery adorned in a sailor theme. I loved that they chose to have photos of lil’ Kennedy with hockey gloves, and baseball mitts. The example her parents are in their own lives and now in raising their daughter is a allowing the freedom for Kennedy to be herself in all things from day one. What a gift to be empowered with that. And what a gift she has with Kimi + Matt as parents! True gems they are!! Welcome to the world; go get em Kennedy!


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