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Go Cubs Go!

I gotta say…There’s two major perks to what I do. 1.) I get to hang out with awesome couples. 2.) Once in awhile I get a chance of a lifetime to go to locations that I otherwise wouldn’t be allowed. Today, the latter was true and it was sweet. Myself, an old-time friend from way back when, and her fiance Ryan got an opportunity to live any Chicago sport-lovers dream and run solo for awhile with an empty Wrigley Field. It was surreal…It was huge…And it was awesome! It was fun to watch Laura’s face as she saw her future husband giddily run amongst the seats and slide himself on the dugout bench. I can’t blame her I loved watching it too. (: Glad to hear that the many pictures will be added to sports memorabilia room in their future home. I have no doubt we will have as much fun in August for the wedding. Can’t wait! (: 


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