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They Get It…

I often tell my couples little tid-bits of wedding day advice. I after all  have only been to a couple hundred. (: One of the things I find myself saying the most often is whatever the emotion is…go with it. I’ve seen too many times where the bride and groom try and “hold it together” that their whole effort is going toward that rather than soaking it all in. Sure you may be embarrassed for a minute that you cried in front of more people than you ever have before but really in the grand scheme of it all what will you remember? The one moment of shyness or the time that you go to wipe a tear from your soon to be husbands face? This couple got it. The rode the ride of the wedding day and it was beautiful. I absolutely loved how there were two things that could get the groom to instantly cry. The Lord…And his bride. I think that’s a picture (no pun intended) of how there lives will be. That the two things that completely overwhelm them with gratitude and joy is our Lord and each other. For that, and many other reasons, I loved spending one day in time with these two. 


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