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Holy Trinity & Intercontinental Chicago Wedding: Dennis & Trinity

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding all year. No literally, all year. It’s was my last wedding of 2013! (Nicee rocked out one more, pics from that soon to come!)  Whatta way to end the year. Dennis, Trinity, their huge family, and super fun friends were all absolutely amazing! I’m not sure that I’ve ever busted out my phone to record how awesome a party was goin’ on, but I may or may not have ran out of storage on my phone recording so much. Is that weird? I think every single person in attendance at the wedding was on the dance floor. I’m all about gettin’ in amongst the action but I had to join the band on stage; I was gonna get taken out with a power dance move! At one point, Michael Jackson came on, the crowd parted and a full on flipping contest broke out. The bride, Trinity, was a competitive gymnast (the level before Olympics might I add! And I think we all know by now my obsession with the Olympics! 27 day’s till Sochi baby!) So flips, splits, all sorts of moves that I’d surely die doing (though I too did gymnastics back in the day) were bein’ busted out left and right. This wedding was such a blast!

Oh! And during portraits, there kept being one special request. Yeti. Yep. You read that right. Yeti was to join the picture. You gotta check out our Facebook page to see how that turned out. Which while you’re at it, you probably should like our FB page so you won’t miss fun posts like that. I think a photoshopped yeti would make everyone’s cubicle day better. (:

In all seriousness though, the thing that is even more memorable from this gorgeous wedding (Holy Trinity Church & Intercontinental Chicago were a stunning line-up for venues) was how much they loved their families. As it was said during the speeches, as siblings,  they’re best friends. I hear that a lot in speeches but this time, it was so evidently true. Now knowing the bond that’s within the families I’m even more impressed with Trinity’s willingness to follow and support Dennis. Back during our engagement pictures, (which were on the most epically frigid of days) Trinity and I were chatting in a hallway to stay warm while Dennis parked the car. I came to learn that she’d be moving to Georgia as Dennis got a promotion. I said: “Wow, how do you feel about that?” And she said: “He deserves it so much!” And that took me aback a bit. Not, “oh it’s going to be hard or we’ll see if he even likes it” but unhindered support. And that’s the way I would describe this family; they have unhindered support for one another. And Dennis, that’s one amazing quality to have in a wife. One of the best if you ask me. Trinity fully respects and supports you. And Trin, the first words Dennis asked me when walking in the room that morning was; “how is she?” This may be a huge new chapter in many ways but Dennis still at the forefront wants the best for you.

I am so grateful to have spent this chapter in life with you guys. I’ve fallen in love with you and your families and hope to see many more celebrations of unhindered support in the future. Congratulations!

Ceremony: Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral

Reception: InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

Media: Delack Media Group

Design: The Flower Firm Event Production

Band: The Gold Coast All Stars

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Jewelry: Swarovski

Transportation: At Your Service Limousine 



[…] Ceremony: Holy Trinity Catholic Church Reception: InterContinental Hotel Chicago Magnificent Mile Coordinator: Hope Weis Design: The Flower Firm Event Production Band: The Gold Coast All Stars Transportation: At Your Service Limousine Photography: Melissa Marie Photography. To view their photos, CLICK HERE […]

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