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Chicago Wedding Photographer Melissa Marie Photography: Blumen Gardens & Harvest Bible Chapel Wedding: JOSH + JENNA

14 years ago (well, it’ll be 14 years in 5 more days) (: I made covenant vows at the alter with my husband. As we were dismissing our guests, my cousin hugged me with tears saying: “I want a wedding like this someday.” She wasn’t speaking of flowers, nor the many many candles (one of which almost lit my aisle runner on fire, (but that’s another story), she felt something in our ceremony. I hugged her back, now with tears streaming down my face, and I told her: “You can. Follow Jesus, and wait for a man who does the same.”

Jenna…You aren’t my cousin. But you are my sister-in-Christ. It is so completely evident that the foundation of your and Josh’s relationship (now, marriage!! Woot! Woot!) is Christ! From time to time at weddings I’ll tear up. Perhaps thinking of my own kids getting married someday. Perhaps knowing a bit of backstory from that family. But the presence of Jesus in your ceremony had tears rolling down my cheeks. One of my favorite things (I honestly can’t narrow it down, it was all so absolutely special) about your wedding, was seeing the youth that you guys have been pouring into. They witnessed what a vow saying, covenant making, Jesus focus wedding is. Coming from someone that has photographed hundreds and hundreds of weddings, I’ll tell ya, it’s a rare rare thing to see. To then see them worship within your ceremony and then to serve so selflessly at your reception was amazing. I just saw the countless investment you’ve both put into those kids just oozing out of their song and acts of service. It was amazing! Your relationship with those kids, no doubt will have a direct impact on their future spouse choices, future marriage decisions. The ripple effect and legacy of generations for the Kingdom.

I have no doubt, that whatever you guys decide to do that you’ll do it loving people, while loving each other, and loving Christ. So excited to see what’s in store for you guys!




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