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People say when you have a kid you can’t remember what it was like before them. For me, not sure that’s fully true. (: At least I can’t say that to be true for me when I was anticipating my second kiddo. I remember vividly what it was like to be a family of three. I remember savoring and essentially sobbing as I’d rock my first-born to sleep thinking that was the last time I’d do it before I went into labor with my youngest. I wouldn’t trade those moments but I also wouldn’t give up the new blessing it is to a family of 4. My youngest in many ways is so different than my oldest. She’s brought a fresh new dynamic to our family. One that though I can vividly remember what it was like before her, I am so grateful for who she is and what she brings to our family. I’ve loved capturing so many family’s this fall. Several who are in that transition of a family of 3 to 4. Every family dynamic is different but one commonality is that kids as challenging, and in ways all-consuming as they are just absolutely precious!! Excited to see that transition for this family!


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