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Elmhurst Newborn Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography: ELOISE

I have December babies. As in the brutal cold of Chicago’s polar vortex babies. I had all this ooey gooey nostalgic feelings of my first born coming into the hospital to meet his little sister. Him getting the gift “she” picked out for him. Snuggling for a photo on my hospital bed. And yet, in true parental reality, what we got was a car battery that wouldn’t start, a toddler that didn’t get to meet his newborn sister at the hospital, and one very upset kiddo who woke up from a nap one day and all of a sudden there was a baby. From which he slowly backed away crying: “No. No. No.” (:

How I envisioned it all sweetly happening is more so how today’s newborn session went. Maddie, (who I photograph often and I just think is the sweetest little thing ever) just so sweetly giving her sister kisses. Or when she was “done” holding the baby, she’d nicely say she was done, rather than the log roll thrust my son would do with his sister. I hope that these two girls continue to be on each other’s team. Not jealous of the other. Both shining in their own ways. Can’t wait to see how their relationship grows over time. Welcome to the world Eloise!


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