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Alina’s “Up Up & Away” 1st birthday was a smashing success! In some ways pretty literally. The stunning floral wall may or may not have fallen on her birthday cake from some windy city wind up on the rooftop of the Loews hotel. So…the smash cake started early, that’s all. (:

For real. I can’t claim that I wouldn’t be upset about it. And I can’t say that nobody noticed. But what I can say is the friends and family that came to the party “rescue”…that, and they, I noticed. It was impressive. Everyone who was there just scurried into action. Fixing, redecorating, replacing, not pretending something it wasn’t but doing their best to make it as right as possible no questions asked.

Miss Alina…You won’t remember your 1st birthday party. Though you’ll have some great photos to see how fun it was. From a bubble creator, a portable play gym with a ball pit. Treats galore! Stunning flowers fitting for any princess. One of the best skyline views in all of Chicago. It was great! But something you’ll come to know very soon as you grow is the friends and family who celebrated with you that day. Now they…they’re even better. They will tell you how it is, but be the first to come to the rescue. They’ll shower you with all the things any little girl would want, but most of all, they’ll shower you with love. This marks 1 amazing year with your family. Here’s to a lifetime more! Happy Birthday Alina!

Oh! And on the year you were born the lingo “lit” was a thing. And at your 1st birthday party the bubble creator literally let your friends and family hold bubbles and lit them on fire! Don’t think anyone else in your lifetime will be able to say that they’re party was “lit” in that way!


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