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Chicago Family Photographer: Lincoln Park Zoo: Melissa Marie Photography

As many people have recently sent their kids off to school, I’m reminded that my husband claims our kids are never allowed to go to school out of state. (: Ha, his theory (which I get) is that they’ll find someone, get married, and then plant roots far away from family. I get it…I can’t imagine being far away from my family but I love that this group, despite literally now living all over the world, came together in Chicago to spend a week together. I love that they not only allow but encourage each other to follow their dreams wherever that may take them, and all the while knowing they’ve got “home” within family. I also love that the said when people come to visit their actual home, they’re handed a glass of champagne! Here I’ve been offering coffee or a glass of water like a basic fool. (:

Haha! Seriously though, what a FUN, dynamic, caring, sweet family! So glad you all got to reconnect!


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