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People say follow your passion. But really, how many donuts taste testers can the world really have?  For real though, everything about Dan + Hannah’s Solitude Mountain Resort Wedding was straight out of the dreamiest dream in my heart.

To start, I got to scratch something off my bucket list! I’ve always wanted to fly on the 4th of July in hopes of seeing fireworks in multiple places at once. Like twinkling little colorful stars I saw hundreds of towns’ displays all at once!

Then to be out amongst the mountains…lakes…nature. It captivates and resonates so much more than the concrete jungle of Chicago. I was after all, a camping major in college. (Not kidding!)

But honestly…Even better than me getting to do my bucket list item…Even better than the jaw dropping beauty of the mountains of Utah….getting to capture Dan & Hannah was incredible! They are the most laid-back, easy-going, and kind people! And as much as they so evidently love those around them, they have this way when they’re together that everything else fades away. It almost felt like they were eloping! It was swelteringly hot. Melt your face right off hot. But these two held on to each other, nestling their faces together like they could inhale a memory of that moment and keep it within them forever. It honestly was just pure love for where they live and for each other emoting through absolutely everything!!

Dan + Hannah, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your incredible wedding day with me. I hope you always find solitude with each other for a lifetime of more memories together. And may this not be the last time I get to capture the pure magic of your love! So incredibly happy for you guys!








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