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I feel like motherhood is squeezing. The askings of many; both little and big; young and old. “My need” becomes almost a cog in the perpetual moving wheel that is mom life. The days are long yet time is ever so short. The lists are long and the actual checked off agenda is few.  On paper…It’s a tall order of a job. Despite Instagram’s illusions, it’s often a messy one. I type this with mis-matched pajamas that have two flavors of kid’s food pouch’s on them from dinner tonight.  Even my husband, who just got home, literally just said: “You’re still here? Working mom life.” Squeeze. Yes. It’s a lot. But the love of a mom is so much more! So here’s to squeezing in one more bedtime story. Here’s to squeezing my kiddos for the millionth time today. And here’s to squeezing out the distractions of daily life to allow moments of being fully present. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to this image of Megan with her son, Connor. First, mom’s are so rarely ever captured. We’re like unicorns. (: But she’s so intently being in the moment with him. He probably will never fully know what all she does on the daily to make his life what it is. But thankfully for him. She’s going to do it all anyway. So I’m grateful to provide little images that hopefully squeeze in more memories with the beautiful side of what it means to be; mom.


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