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I made it about half-way to Eric + Michelle’s new home (and by new, I mean they literally moved in 2 days prior!) until I saw an eerie wall of dark looming clouds. And just like that, the storm hit. And I mean hit! In an instant there was zero visibility. As in I put on my brakes in the middle of the highway having no idea if I continued forward if i’d hit someone yet if I stayed there, if someone would slam me. As if that wasn’t already tricky the wind began to blow every-which-way and I thought if I don’t get outta here it’s gonna take up car. So I called my husband who google mapped me to the nearest thing out in the farmlands and it was a movie theatre. I couldn’t see what it was at the time but the structure was big enough that I at least knew it was a building. So I took all my camera gear in a back pack (in case the wind really did throw my car) and I ran (or at least attempted to run against the wind) into the building. Which ended up being a movie theatre who’s power was out. So all these movie-goers are now standing in the front door atrium, in the dark, with no power, (which means no AC) with me. Like a greenhouse, it got muggy and hot real quick. And the smell of popcorn amongst it wasn’t great. (: But surprisingly, everyone stayed calm and we just waited on the storm. Well, I started to get texts of photos of 50 year old trees that were feet from my house completely uprooted. Not just the branches or trunk. The whole thing! The big patch of grass surrounding the tree still intact but toppled over with the tree. So now I’m even more glad I’m not in my car! But now what? I’m only half-way to Eric + Michelle’s house, who also have spotty electricity goin’ on. This is supposed to be their engagement photos! Well, they took it like champs and were still down for photos. Once the storm let up to normal rain, I headed their way.  Under and umbrella we went around their super cool property! I mean, they get their mail by riding a retro 80’s cherry red scooter! How rad is that!? Two days into home ownership, moving boxes everywhere,  an absolutely massive storm, taking photos amidst it all, and they’re still taking it all in stride. Ya’ll are rockstars. Thanks so much for goin’ for it!


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