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My husband is an identical twin yet he and his brother couldn’t be more different. A Conversation we have often within the family is that it’s amazing that two people could be raised in the exact same environment, have mostly the same memories, and yet have totally different personalities and outlooks on things.

Time and time again, that’s how I feel about weddings! Sure, there are some commonalities. There generally is a dress, vows, delicious food, and the celebration. But even within that, two weddings, even at the exact same venue can be so different. And that is why I want to take each person‘s wedding day as it is. That is the only day in history where those exact people, for their exact purposes will ever exist in that way again. I photograph weddings at Independence Grove, Libertyville often. And it just so happened that I got to capture the weddings there on back-to back-days over the same weekend. I absolutely love seeing how to couples, two weddings, can take the same space at Independence Grove and make it completely different from each other! Every couple is unique. They each have their own story.  So I love going into even familiar places with fresh eyes of anticipation to capture everything anew.

Jason + Christine, Thank You for sharing your stunning outdoor, timeless yet fresh, wedding with everyone. But especially with me and my camera! So happy for you guys!


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