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Volkening Heritage Farm: Melissa Marie Photography: SIMON FAMILY

There was two hours that it wasn’t supposed to rain. It just so happened to be the two hours I had scheduled for my last two family shoots before we expand our own family to four in the next few weeks.

It was wet. It was freezing. It was windy. It wasn’t pretty. Outside that is. This family is in no shortage of beautiful. Beautiful obviously on the outside. I mean…Look at em. (:

But beautiful on the inside too. They’re understanding. Givers of grace. Fun. And able to roll with the punches. Whether it be being flexible to see on the fly what the weather hold. Kids who are have been such troopers (Seriously, it was nasty out. They were amazing) but are now over it, and making the selfless decision to just call it. So glad we were able to sneak in some time to capture their family. Doesn’t take much with these guys. (:


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