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So I had a couple misconceptions when it came to raising a boy. Now, to be fair, I only have a boy (for another month till baby girl arrives) to go off of for experience but for one, thought it wouldn’t be as fun to dress a boy. Wrong. I may or may not have had to convert an un-used game closet to hold all his jackets and shoes. (: And luckily for me, he loves putting on & away his shoes! The other, and way more importantly, I thought I was going to miss out on all the snuggles that’d come along with the early years. My Ry is the biggest snuggler and I’ve got it on video that he promises me that it will be that way with his momma until he’s at least 30. (:

There’s so much of Brookes that reminds me of my little Ry. Tons of energy. Super goofy but also respectful. A boy (or mama!) who knows how to dress. (: And still will allow some snuggles with his mom from time to time. These are the moments that I sear into my memory as I know there will be a day he will be over it. (And I’ll pretend like it’s okay and then secretly cry in my bathroom.)

I’ll never tire of photos of mama’s and their little guys snuggling.


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