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Pinstripes Wedding Photos: Melissa Marie Photography: BOBBY + ERIN

Life has these remarkable milestones. Ones that have been dreamt of…planned for…and celebrated. Graduations. Buying a home. Getting married. Having kids. It’s these pinnacle points where in so many ways when the moments arrive, they’re more than we could have envisioned in the first place. It’s especially at these times that savoring the people who helped get us to that point is ultra sweet. But it’s also why in ways it doesn’t feel right when someone of such importance is no longer with you when one of those milestones arrives. For me, it was the sudden loss of my husbands father. Who never got to see our forever home, or hear that after 11 years of marriage we were finally having a kiddo. It just doesn’t feel right when such a big part of heart is missing at times like those. No matter how much we’d like to we can’t change certain circumstances. We can however, react in a certain way. A way that’s honoring. A way that brings memories back to life.

I love that the groom, Bobby, wanted time with just his mom who had twice the role in his life after losing his father. I love that Bobby shined his shoes, tied a knot in his tie, and fixed it even though it was perfect, because that’s what his dad would do. I love that he wore his dad’s watch. As if time were now on their side. It’s heart-breaking and filling all at once. But amidst it all, there’s this beautiful journey still moving forward. Bobby + Erin are now creating family unit in their marriage. One small memory or in today’s case one giant milestone at a time. Thank you for honoring me with capturing such a special day for you guys!

GETTING READY: Sheraton Chicago Northbrook Hotel:

CHURCH: St. Mary’s:

FLORIST: Sylvia’s:

RECEPTION: Pinstripes:

DJ: An Enchanted Evening:


DRESS: Bridal Boutique of Naperville:



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