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Lewis University Engagement Photos: JAY + AMY

There’s so many things that made me nostalgic about Jay + Amy’s engagement session. They both were college athletes. They went to a super small college (Lewis University). By small I mean I drove 3 entire laps of the campus and stopped for directions within 10 minutes. And yes…Even on that small of a campus I got lost. (: Hey! My university had ONE academic building! We were tiny! Okay, that, and directions may not be my strong suit. (: Which is another thing I have in common with them! Well, at least Amy. (:

We also took my engagement photos in front of the willow tree that we often spent time at. (And where my husband proposed.) We also can go on our college campus as alumni and at some point bump into someone we still know. Which for Amy was like everyone! She has the most magnetic personality! Of course she’d know everyone! Which perhaps my favorite part of the session was when I was asking them get to know you questions and Jay said: “Amy’s the type of person that will go up to anybody.” Just then a car of people they knew back from school pulled up. Yep! Off she went! “Oh my gosh!!! Hey guys!” Running over to greet them. She’s also perhaps the first person to reach out on social media with congrats when I announced the gender of the little nugget I’m having in a couple months. They also got the little one the most adorable gift. I knew it from the moment we first talked, and it was affirmed when I met them. We click. (Wasn’t meant to be a camera pun, but hey…it works.) (:

Loved spending the afternoon with you guys!

Location of their first kiss! Wish mine was as cute. My now husband and my first kiss was so awkward. Hey, nearly 13 years of marriage and almost 2 kids later, we obviously got over it. (:


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